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How many times does the reading of a book trigger a curiosity aroused by the subject, by the setting or by the protagonists?
How many times does a book generate a falling in love with a theme, a historical event, a place?
Extended Book® was created to nourish this desire to know and discover, transforming the book into a starting point rather than an arrival point.


Extended Book®, the new standard for book publishing around the world.

See an example of Extended Book

Among the publishers that have adopted Extended Book®Edizioni Astragalo, Editrice Bibliografica, Enrico Damiani Editore, Feltrinelli, Gribaudo, Hoepli, Il Leone Verde Italo Svevo Edizioni, Morellini Editore, Società Editrice Milanese, Edizioni Sonda, Touring Club Italiano, Zanichelli.

Extended Book® is designed to meet the needs of large, medium, small and very small publishers and and of independent authors  thanks to the different usage models available. To learn more about the service, download the presentation here or write to


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