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What is Extended Book

How many times does reading a book raise a curiosity aroused by the subject, the setting or the protagonists?
How many times does a book generate a love affair for a theme, a historical story, a place?
Extended Book was created to nourish this desire to know and discover, transforming the book into a starting point rather than a finishing point.

Extended Books offer the possibility to access a quantity of additional content, added gradually over time, making the book a starting point to deepen a content, satisfy a curiosity, nurture a passion. Reviews, video interviews, and, over time, much more.
To access the content simply use the QR code on the back cover, or enter the short URL inside the book.
The publisher, with the help of the author, extends beyond the physical realization of the book its role of content selector, continuing to offer the reader ideas and materials, for a period that is not limited to the immediate promotion of novelty. Thanks to the great potential of digital, it is now possible to enrich the book with additional content, multimedia and not, upgradable and dynamic.

Linked to the book by QR code and URL, a dedicated online space hosts all the extra content, in various formats (pdf, video, audio, link, etc.), which over time will be linked to the book.
The reader will find content strictly relevant to the book itself: interviews with authors, actor’s readings, reviews, prizes won.
You can find Spotify playlists linked to guidebooks and novels or videos selected in the guides accompanying the text. In a creative process that we are sure over time will generate inventions and ideas, the author of a guide will be able to report local recipes, the opening/ closing of a restaurant or a museum, as well as the author of a historical novel can share with readers about 
his research, report sites or in-depth texts, films, series or documentaries or, still, the author of the text on meditation will upload the audio track of a new practice, report an important event or a new technique.

An example of Extended Book

La principessa Ballerina
Stefania Colombo Morellini Publisher
It is a novel set on a steamship, the Princess Mafalda, really existed, launched in Genoa in the early twentieth century and shipwrecked in 1927.

Extended Book Content:
• the video of the author presenting "The dancing princess".
• the first page of "La Stampa" that reports the shipwreck.
• the story of the real characters aboard the steamship Princess Mafalda, during his last trip.
• The Spotify playlist designed for immersive reading.
• the "Official Gazette of the Kingdom of Italy" in which Silvio Scarabicchi, the chief engineer in Princess Mafalda, a knighthood.
• the legend of Asseu mentioned in the novel.
• Professor Francesco Dario Rossi’s poem about "Princess Jolanda", the twin ship of Princess Mafalda.
• the video-reading of Rimbaud’s poem quoted in the novel (voice: Laurent De Martini - (voice off by Christelle Hodencq).
• the video-reading of an excerpt from "La principessa ballerina" (voice: Antonio Grazioli).
• improvisation inspired by "La principessa ballerina" (actress: Caro Quito - music: Samir Suez).
• the video-reading of an extract of the "Princess ballerina" (voice: Silvia Ripamonti).

Extended Book offers a new publishing model, based on a content organization and a relationship with the reader that do not end in the short period of promotion and presence in the library, but that accompany indefinitely the work and the reader.

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